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Gion Koishi — Kakigori, summer time treat in Gion

Gion Koishi — Kakigori (shaved ice) in Gion (祇園小石)
Hard to believe that ‘shaved ice’ could be elegant and sophisticated, so Kyoto!
Gion Koishi - preview
Gion Koshi, ameya (candy shop) is surely the best known place in Gion, and probably Kyoto for kakigori (shaved ice). Shaved ice in Japan actually has a very long history, dating…

Issen Yoshoku — The Origins of Western Food in Japan

Issen Yoshoku (壹銭洋食)
The Origins of Western Food in Japan
Issen Yoshoku Teaser
Issen Yoshoku is located in Gion and serves a variation of the popular dish, okonomiyaki. Issen Yoshiku combines a comical interior with a one dish menu. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists. While somewhat kitschy, at Issen Yoshoku you can taste…

Ukiya Soba: Natto-tamago Soba in Pontocho

Ukiya Soba — Natto-tamago Soba in Ponto-cho (有喜屋、先斗町)
Ukiya Soba Ponto-Cho — teaser
summary: Ukiya is second to none for soba. Soba is the famed buckwheat noodle of Japan. Ukiya’s soba is handmade (手打ち, teuchi) every morning. Ukiya’s famous dish is the very unique Ukiten Soba.

Tenshu — tempura donburi in Gion

Tenshu — tempura donburi in Gion
Tenshu Gion -- teaser
Tenshu, located in Kyoto’s Gion district serves a famous tempura dinner course and an equally famous donburi at lunch. Tenshu is a very famous restaurant, countless celebrities and national politicians dine at Tenshu. On a weekend you can expect to wait 30 to 60 minutes to be seated for lunch!

Komameya — yuba ryori lunch

Komameya — yuba ryori lunch (こ豆や – 湯葉料理ランチ)
Komameya Yuba - preview
Yuba is another very ‘Kyoto’ delicacy.
Yuba in Kyoto comes in many forms, it is made from soy milk. Soy milk is simmered in a large, rectangular pan and as a skin is formed on the surface it is scooped up and is eaten in various…

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