Buri-zanmai: Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt Grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar)

Buri-zanmai Series: Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt-grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar)

Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt-grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar)

Buri-zanmai Series (Part 1): Winter is the time for buri, or yellowtail. The meat is laden with oil and rich flavor. Here we make Buri Kama Shioyaki.

Buri Kama Shioyaki:
Kama is the ‘collar’ of a fish, the area between the gill cover and the pectoral fin. This area and the head of the fish is said to have the most succulent meat, but it is difficult to remove. So in Japan, the kama of larger fish is grilled or simmered and the meat is gently teased out with chopsticks.

Preparation is simple. You just need some fish collars and salt.

Rub the buri with course salt and grill or broil. This can be done on a Western style charcoal or gas barbecue. This kama, as it is usually thick needs to cook thoroughly, so avoid too high a flame from the start.

In our Japanese gas range fish grill, this took about 15 minutes to cook. Paku says to start on the skin side of the kama. Don’t worry about burning the skin. The skin is not eaten and it will protect the meat from burning.

As the kama cooks, some of the salt will be lost to oil dripping off the fish. When you turn the fish over, you might want to add more salt to the ‘meat side’. Have a look and use your own judgment.

This is an easy dish to cook and if the kama is large enough, it can probably be eaten easily with a fork and knife as well.

I have heard the salmon collars can sometimes be had for free at a fish market or supermarket in the U.S. Try asking for the collar of any large fish that might be available, salmon, tuna, etc.

Try this dish for a dinner party, it will surely wow everybody!

Salted Kama and Other Parts
Buri-zanmai: Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt-grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar) title=
On the left is the mouth and on the right is the kama. The curved section is the gill area. The meat of the kama is the bottom side of the fish, the belly. The belly of the tuna is where the best toro is. It’s fatty, just like where bacon comes from on a pig!

Kama Shioyaki
Buri-zanmai: Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt-grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar) title=
On the left is the kama, skin side down.

Kama Shioyaki and Yuzu
Buri-zanmai: Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt-grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar) title=
A squeeze of yuzu or lemon goes well with any shioyaki, especially buri. Notice the color of the kama, the golden brown is not teriyaki or some other kind of sauce, but the natural color of well-grilled buri.

Kama Shioyaki – That’s a lot of meat in there!
Buri-zanmai: Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt-grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar) title=
Actually, there is a lot more meat in the kama than may appear to the eye. These few bits of bone and skin is all that is left.

Have you eaten fish collars? If so, where? How was it cooked? What kind of fish?

9 Responses to “Buri-zanmai: Buri Kama Shioyaki (Salt Grilled Fatty Yellowtail Collar)”

  1. Momo says:

    Looks SOOO yummy! sigh* i haven’t been able to eat toro for soo long!
    I’ve actually had fish collar when I went to a Korean Restaurant and they used it in a spicy soup called Mae-won Tahng. Its really good and has lots of strong veggies and greens like watercress and chrysanthemum. The fish that is usually put in there and is my favorite in this dish is seabass. Definitely give it a try if you don’t mind stewed fish. .. the meat just falls off the bone 🙂

  2. PekoPeko says:

    Hi Momo,
    Spicy soup, plus chrysanthemum? That sounds pretty interesting. In Korean food is chrysanthemum used? In Japan the leaves are used for a variety of dishes in the winter, including nabe.
    I think that sea bass is suzuki in Japanese. I have only had it a few times, I think just shioyaki. I will ask Paku what she thinks.
    Thanks for the foodie ideas!

  3. Nate says:

    Great to pick at while drinking biru!

  4. PekoPeko says:

    Hi Nate, Yes, this one (and shioyaki-zakana in general) goes extraordinarily well biru!

  5. Peter says:

    More wonderful seafood, Peko! I’m adding your blog to my google reader.


  6. PekoPeko says:

    Hi Peter. Thanks! I subscribed to your RSS feed.

  7. PekoPeko says:

    Hey everybody, bought some buri collar today. Will be enjoying soon!

  8. GIGI says:

    I just ate 3 of those tonight for dinner – man were they delicious and I am super stuffed!!! I loved EVERY SECOND of eating them, if I could I would order another one!!! 🙂

  9. PekoPeko says:

    Wow GIGI, you sound like a super satisfied customer!

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