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Tenshu — tempura donburi in Gion

Tenshu — tempura donburi in Gion Tenshu Gion -- teaser Tenshu, located in Kyoto’s Gion district serves a famous tempura dinner course and an equally famous donburi at lunch. Tenshu is a very famous restaurant, countless celebrities and national politicians dine at Tenshu. On a weekend you can expect to wait 30 to 60 minutes to be seated for lunch!…

Hanaore — sabazushi (lightly pickled mackerel sushi)

Hanaore Sabazushi (花折鯖寿し) Hanaore is another very ‘Kyoto’ culinary experience. This famous shop offers only a single, well loved dish — sabazushi. Just three slices of sabazushi and a small bowl of soup will set you back 1,800 yen! Hanaore and sabazushi is a must try!! Hanaore 花折 Sabazushi 鯖寿し - preview The only dish served, sabazushi and the noren (shop curtain) Hanaore is another…

Rokudenya – Tantanmen in Ponto-cho

– NOTICE: Unfortunately KyotoFoodie no longer recommends this restaurant. – Rokudenya Preview The company that owns Rokudenya, Kiwa Group still has some excellent restaurants in Kyoto but Rokudenya is history.The manager of Rokudenya seems to take a perverse delight in being unbelievably rude to customers. I have seen him so rude on occasion that by Japanese standards one would have to conclude

Falafel Garden

Falafel Garden ファラフェルガーデン In Kyoto and looking for a quick and cheap (by Kyoto standards) bite to eat that isn’t Japanese or looking for a veggie meal? Falafel Garden, is good, though not gourmet, not the kind of Middle Eastern food you could probably find back home. Falafel Garden is located just to the east of Demachiyanagi Station. If you…

Isshindo Soba (一神堂そば)

Isshindo Soba (一神堂そば) Isshindo is a very small, outdoor yatai (stall) style restaurant with the atmosphere of the ubiquitous yatai of Japan common near train stations at night catering to commuters on their way home for a quick meal. Isshindo adds just the right amount of style and sophistication to the dining experience.…
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