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Places to foodie in Sakyo-ku. The Sakyo ward of Kyoto, Sakyo-ku (左京区), in Japanese.

Falafel Garden

Falafel Garden ファラフェルガーデン In Kyoto and looking for a quick and cheap (by Kyoto standards) bite to eat that isn’t Japanese or looking for a veggie meal? Falafel Garden, is good, though not gourmet, not the kind of Middle Eastern food you could probably find back home. Falafel Garden is located just to the east of Demachiyanagi Station. If you…

Isshindo Soba (一神堂そば)

Isshindo Soba (一神堂そば) Isshindo is a very small, outdoor yatai (stall) style restaurant with the atmosphere of the ubiquitous yatai of Japan common near train stations at night catering to commuters on their way home for a quick meal. Isshindo adds just the right amount of style and sophistication to the dining experience.…
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