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Rokudenya – Tantanmen in Ponto-cho

— NOTICE: Unfortunately KyotoFoodie no longer recommends this restaurant. — Rokudenya Preview The company that owns Rokudenya, Kiwa Group still has some excellent restaurants in Kyoto but Rokudenya is history.The manager of Rokudenya seems to take a perverse delight in being unbelievably rude to customers. I have seen him so rude on occasion that by Japanese standards one would have to conclude

Omen – Udon, Kyoto Veggies, Ground Sesame

Omen – Udon, Kyoto Veggies, Ground Sesame 名代おめん Omen Udon Omen is best known for it’s udon noodle dishes. Omen has three restaurants in Kyoto and even one in New York City. We review the main restaurant near Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) and The Philosopher’s Path.…
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