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Kyoto Ice Cream: Soba Boro Cookie Ice Cream

Chibeta: Soba Boro (Cookie) Ice Cream そばぼうろアイスクリーム Soba Boro (Cookie) Ice Cream そばぼうろアイスクリーム
Japan’s Answer to ‘Cookies and Cream’ Ice Cream: Soba boro is a crunchy cookie made of soba flour, sugar and egg, a little bit like a Japanese version of biscotti. Chibeta makes a delicious ice cream flavored with soba boro.…

Kyoto Ice Cream: Sakura Mochi Ice Cream

Chibeta: Sakura Mochi Ice Cream 桜餅アイスクリーム Sakura Mochi Ice Cream 桜餅アイスクリーム
Kyoto Handmade Ice Cream Shop Chibeta: While Japanese love ice cream and Häagen-Dazs is big here, handmade ice cream shops, the likes or which there are several in my hometown, are a rarity. Chibeta, located in Nishijin, the old weaving district of Kyoto, makes great ice cream in very novel flavors. Inspiration for flavors…

Takaraya Ramen Pontocho (宝屋ラーメン) — CLOSED

Takaraya Ramen (宝屋ラーメン) CLOSED — Unfortunately this excellent restaurant has suddenly closed as of November 2011. Takaraya (宝屋) features several dishes that are very ‘Kyoto’ in style and taste. The cuisine of Kyoto features subtly complex and sophisticated flavors. To the sensibilities of the ancient capital, the more understated, the better. Typically, ramen is anything but subtle. This makes Takaraya…
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