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The machiya (町家), is a traditional Japanese city dwelling the literally means ‘town house’. Kyoto machiya, called, ‘Kyo-machiya’ are often exquisite but many have been lost in recent decades to development. Now, machiya are popular and in high demand for stylish restaurants and stores.

Komameya — yuba ryori lunch

Komameya — yuba ryori lunch (こ豆や – 湯葉料理ランチ) Komameya Yuba - preview Yuba is another very ‘Kyoto’ delicacy. Yuba in Kyoto comes in many forms, it is made from soy milk. Soy milk is simmered in a large, rectangular pan and as a skin is formed on the surface it is scooped up and is eaten in various ways. Yuba in Japan is often…

Hashimoto Restaurant — Hakusasonso Villa and Garden

Hashimoto Restaurant — Hakusasonso Villa and Garden 白沙村荘 hashimoto_preview.jpg
left: Zonkoro studio and garden
right: dinner Last night we had dinner at a place I had only heard about and walked past. It is the Hakusasonso (白沙村荘) villa and studio of a Japanese painter, Hashimoto Kansetsu (1883-1945). Hakusasonso is located near The Philosopher’s Path (哲学の道, Tetsugaku no michi) and The Silver…

Rokudenya – Tantanmen in Ponto-cho

— NOTICE: Unfortunately KyotoFoodie no longer recommends this restaurant. — Rokudenya Preview The company that owns Rokudenya, Kiwa Group still has some excellent restaurants in Kyoto but Rokudenya is history.The manager of Rokudenya seems to take a perverse delight in being unbelievably rude to customers. I have seen him so rude on occasion that by Japanese standards one would have to conclude

Takaraya Ramen Pontocho (宝屋ラーメン) — CLOSED

Takaraya Ramen (宝屋ラーメン) CLOSED — Unfortunately this excellent restaurant has suddenly closed as of November 2011. Takaraya (宝屋) features several dishes that are very ‘Kyoto’ in style and taste. The cuisine of Kyoto features subtly complex and sophisticated flavors. To the sensibilities of the ancient capital, the more understated, the better. Typically, ramen is anything but subtle. This makes Takaraya…
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