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For culinary destinations near a sightseeing spot, a temple, a shrine, etc. These are places you can dine at going to or coming from the places that you are coming all the way to Kyoto to see!

Omen – Udon, Kyoto Veggies, Ground Sesame

Omen – Udon, Kyoto Veggies, Ground Sesame 名代おめん Omen Udon Omen is best known for it’s udon noodle dishes. Omen has three restaurants in Kyoto and even one in New York City. We review the main restaurant near Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) and The Philosopher’s Path.…

Isshindo Soba (一神堂そば)

Isshindo Soba (一神堂そば) Isshindo is a very small, outdoor yatai (stall) style restaurant with the atmosphere of the ubiquitous yatai of Japan common near train stations at night catering to commuters on their way home for a quick meal. Isshindo adds just the right amount of style and sophistication to the dining experience.…
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