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While Japan is a Buddhist culture and vegetables are eaten at nearly every meal, strict vegetarianism is rare. Vegans will have a very difficult time in Japan because nearly every Japanese food, especially soups, sauces and condiments usually contain fish in the stock.

Dining Bar Peace – 100% Vegan in Kyoto

Dining Bar Peace (formerly Cafe Peace) 100% Vegan in Kyoto When I first came to Japan I was almost vegetarian but then I was very corrupted by Japanese food. It is another one of the Japanese contractions that in this Buddhist country it can be very difficult, almost impossible to eat out if you are a strict vegan. Dining Bar…

Falafel Garden

Falafel Garden ファラフェルガーデン In Kyoto and looking for a quick and cheap (by Kyoto standards) bite to eat that isn’t Japanese or looking for a veggie meal? Falafel Garden, is good, though not gourmet, not the kind of Middle Eastern food you could probably find back home. Falafel Garden is located just to the east of Demachiyanagi Station. If you…
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