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Wagashi (和菓子) is the traditional confection of Japan that developed with the tea ceremony. Wagashi come in a myriad of types and most are made with sweetened beans, mochi and/or fruit. The theme is always natural beauty and often have a reference to a classical poem or painting. Kyoto’s famous kyogashi (京菓子) are considered the pinnacle of sophistication and refinement in Japan.

Wagashi: Cooling Kyoto Kibune River Yokan

Kyoto Strategies and Customs for Feeling Cool in Summer Wagashi: Kibune River Yokan
This yokan wagashi is section of river with swimming fish, floating green leaves and boulders that in addition to being tasty meant to have a cooling effect on the mind of the eater.…

Wagashi: Firefly Theme Namagashi

Firefly Theme Namagashi 亀屋良長 蛍テーマ生菓子 Firefly Theme Namagashi 亀屋良長 蛍テーマ生菓子
This wagashi from a historic shinise store in Kyoto, Kameyama Yoshinaga, is reminiscent of fireflies on verdant green foliage of early summer.…

Kyoto Wagashi: Ayu and Kuzu-yaki from Heianden

First Ayugashi of 2009! 平安殿のあゆ くず焼き First Ayugashi of 2009! 平安殿のあゆとくず焼き
Ayugashi, one of my all time favorite wagashi is available now. It, like the actual ayu sweetfish will be in season for another month or so. I had my first of the year today from perhaps my favorite ayugashi maker, Heianden.…

Kyoto Nest Project and Kogetsu Wagashi Omiyage

Kyoto Nest Project and Wagashi Omiyage Kyoto Nest Project and Wagashi Omiyage
Kara Komoro Wagashi: An early summer wagashi shaped like a well dressed member of the imperial court, made of sweet jellied beans.…

Boy’s Day Koinobori Chofu

Tango-no-Sekku (Boy’s Day) Koinobori Chofu 端午の節句鯉のぼり調布 Tango-no-Sekku (Boy's Day) Koinobori Chofu 端午の節句鯉のぼり調布
May 5th is Boy’s Day, or Tango-no-Sekku in Japan. Colorful koi (carp) fabric streamers, some gigantic, are flown from house roofs and condominium verandas by families with young boys. I found these koinobori chofu at a wagashi shop in Nara the other day, I hadn’t seen anything like this before.…
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