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Wagashi (和菓子) is the traditional confection of Japan that developed with the tea ceremony. Wagashi come in a myriad of types and most are made with sweetened beans, mochi and/or fruit. The theme is always natural beauty and often have a reference to a classical poem or painting. Kyoto’s famous kyogashi (京菓子) are considered the pinnacle of sophistication and refinement in Japan.

Kyoto Ice Cream: Soba Boro Cookie Ice Cream

Chibeta: Soba Boro (Cookie) Ice Cream そばぼうろアイスクリーム Soba Boro (Cookie) Ice Cream そばぼうろアイスクリーム
Japan’s Answer to ‘Cookies and Cream’ Ice Cream: Soba boro is a crunchy cookie made of soba flour, sugar and egg, a little bit like a Japanese version of biscotti. Chibeta makes a delicious ice cream flavored with soba boro.…

Kyoto Ice Cream: Sakura Mochi Ice Cream

Chibeta: Sakura Mochi Ice Cream 桜餅アイスクリーム Sakura Mochi Ice Cream 桜餅アイスクリーム
Kyoto Handmade Ice Cream Shop Chibeta: While Japanese love ice cream and Häagen-Dazs is big here, handmade ice cream shops, the likes or which there are several in my hometown, are a rarity. Chibeta, located in Nishijin, the old weaving district of Kyoto, makes great ice cream in very novel flavors. Inspiration for flavors…

Wagashi: Sakura Mochi (Kansai-style)

Sakura Mochi (Kansai-style) 関西風桜餅 Kansai-style Sakura Mochi 関西風桜餅
In Kyoto, this year’s sakura blossoms have begun to fade and fall, pavements are covered in pink petals and streams are covered with them to the extent that the water cannot be seen. The sakura season is not over for foodies though, we may still feast on sakura themed yummies for another few weeks. This is…

Wagashi: Sakura Mochi (Kanto-Style)

Sakura Mochi (Kanto-Style) 関東風桜餅
Sakura Mochi 桜もち
Late March and early April is sakura time in Kyoto. For about a month, it’s sakura this and sakura that, — even sakura mochi! Sweet, chewy, salty and above all fragrant and perfumy. This wagashi confection is mochi wrapped in a salted sakura leaf, sometimes a salted sakura blossom garnishes the top.…

Spring Wagashi: Sakura Yomogi Gyuhi Mochi

Sakura Yomogi Gyuhi Mochi 桜と蓬のもちひ 仙太郎 Sakura Yomogi Gyuhi Mochi 桜と蓬のもちひ 仙太郎
Itadakimono: The sakura cherry season is about upon us again. The ‘early’ variety of sakura are just starting to bloom in Kyoto. So, that means sakura everything, including food for about the next month or so. I was given this box of sakura and yomogi gyuhi mochi by a dinner guest the other day.…
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