home cooking: uni-ikura donburi (on soba-gohan)

home cooking: uni-ikura donburi on soba-gohan (うにいくら丼、そばごはん編)

uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼

This is a rendition of the ever popular Uni-Ikura Donburi, here we serve it on soba-gohan (rice with soba kernels).

Uni is the roe of sea urchin and ikura the roe of salmon. Combined and served on rice, this delectable combination makes Uni-Ikura Donburi. Our rendition here uses soba-gohan and makes this donburi dish decidedly nouveau. Soba is buckwheat, the same that is used to make soba noodles.

Main Ingredients: uni, ikura, rice (1 1/2 cups short grain white rice, 10 – 20% *soba kernels), *dried kombu or sake

Rice: If you can obtain soba kernels try making soba-gohan. Cook as usual for white rice. Add dried kombu or sake for additional flavor. (White rice is fine too, try to use Japanese-style short grain rice, ‘California rice’ is just fine.)

Serve: Serve the rice in a large ‘donburi‘ style bowl with generous portions of uni and ikura. A splash of high quality shoyu on the uni is recommended. Ikuradon is often served with chopped shiso leaves, add shiso leaves if you like.

The Ingredients
uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼
ikura, uni, rice, soba and sake

uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼
nukazuke – before

uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼
nukazuke – after (washed and cut)

Nakazuke is tsukemono pickled in rice bran and salt. We had scarlet turnip nukazuke and it was amazing. Nukazuke tsukemono retains the crispness of fresh vegetables and has the pungent qualities of something fermented.

Buri-daikon with Yuzu
uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼
buri (yellowtail) simmered with daikon

Soba Gohan
uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼
buckwheat (soba) kernels cooked with short grain white rice

Uni-ikura Donburi
uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼

Uni-ikura Donburi
uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼

Uni-ikura Donburi with Buri-daikon and Nukazuke Tsukemono
uni-ikura donburi うにいくら丼
With champagne, this makes quite a New Year’s breakfast!

6 Responses to “home cooking: uni-ikura donburi (on soba-gohan)”

  1. lchen says:

    indeed generous with the ikura and uni. where can i get the yellow tail recipe?

  2. PekoPeko says:

    Hi Ichen,
    Yes, it’s oshogatsu, so we went rather heavy on the ‘topping’.
    I will see if Paku can come up with a recipe for the yellow tail.

  3. Nate says:

    Awesome dish! Gotta try it, looks easy enough!

  4. PekoPeko says:

    Hi Nate,
    Yes, this one rules!
    I suppose you have excellent seafood down in Okinawa. How about uni?

  5. Funazushi says:

    Thank you for this. I picked up some uni from our fish monger today and will prepare this for my wife for mother’s day.

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