home cooking: Wagyu Steak Donburi

home cooking: Wagyu Steak Donburi

Wagyu Steak Donburi -- teaser

The land of fish happens to produce the finest beef in the world as well. Japanese have a knack for perfecting things, whether it be fax machines, cameras, or the production of beef.

You have probably heard of Japan’s excuisite beef, Wagyu (和牛) literally ‘Japanese beef’. Kobe-gyu (神戸牛) is surely the most famous Wagyu in Japan.

This is a quick and tasty dish, a variation on donburi (rice bowl).

Just fry or grill a bit of fine steak, cube it and serve it on a bed of barley rice (麦ご飯, mugi gohan), garnish it with chopped scallions and finished with a splash of grated ginger shoyu.

When I cook rice I usually as some barley and put two big pieces of dried kombu (昆布, kelp) on top. As the rice is cooking, it is permeated with the rich and subtle taste of kombu.

The yakumi (薬味), ginger, scallions and fine shoyu
Wagyu Steak Donburi

The Wagyu, just a small steak will doWagyu Steak Donburi

Wagyu Steak Donburi, served on a bed of barley-rice (麦ご飯, mugi gohan)
Wagyu Steak Donburi

home cooking note: Paku and I (Peko) decided to start putting some piks of our home cooking on KyotoFoodie. As our readers are foodies, surely you all can look at the piks and simple explanations and create your own delicious dishes and variations without needing a detailed recipe and instructions.

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  2. looks delicious! i’ve never had wagyu beef before…i would love to try.


  3. kyotofoodie says:

    Howdy there, Jaden!

    Never tried wagyu? Gotta try it, I am serious! I heard that you can get it state-side these days.

    Love your blog! Your ‘Grilled Whole Fish on Banana Leaf’ looks pretty tasty!

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