KyotoFoodie: Down for the Count

Hello foodies,

We’re terribly, terribly sorry that KyotoFoodie was down for about two days straight. We appreciate your concerned emails, thank you for missing KyotoFoodie! We are not signing off, we’re just getting going here.

The problem was with our webhost (DreamHost). Their gear don’t work and their support crew don’t support!

DreamHost, you’re fired!

Well, I guess I should have known though with status reports like the following:

kegerator (server name) ran out of beer” (and stopped serving customers’ webpages)

The server ‘ran out of beer?’ I don’t think that’s possible.

My suggestion for DreamHost’s rebranding:

DreamHost: Nightmare Webhosting
We take your dream and turn it into your nightmare. (All while charging you money.)

I guess they didn’t read Pete Blackshaw’s book: Tell 3,000

We are now up and running at the racy Media Temple on a new and hopefully dependable server now, which is probably a good thing as our access has been climbing steadily over the summer and we have one, maybe two new and exciting projects to tell you about in the near future.

P.S. We are going to add two days to the deadline for our Subscribe to KyotoFoodie campaign dealie.

5 Responses to “KyotoFoodie: Down for the Count”

  1. Sorry to hear about your downtime, my dreamhost server “ran out of beer” and decided to eat my blog a few months ago as well, so i feel you pain. Glad to see your back though:-)

  2. Peko Peko says:

    Hello Marc,

    “My server ate my blog.” A new classic! Did you lose your data? Were you taking backups fairly often?

    Yes, DH can be pretty rough. Their extreme casual attitude gets quite annoying.

    Thank you for feeling our pain though!

  3. Luckily it wasn’t a data loss issue, I was just down for about a week off and on. Part of the problem with them (as well as all the other “discount” hosts) is that they oversell their bandwidth. Meaning that if a server has capacity to host 100 clients, they’ll cram 300-500 people on the server. This also seems to to be their attitude with tech support.

    I don’t know if you guys have found a host your more happy with, but I did some research after the last DH incident and learned that almost all the cheap webhosts (like DH and Media Temple) do the same thing. I ended up going with a much smaller lesser known host that I’ve found is faster and more reliable (0 downtime since I switched about 4 months ago).

    Good luck:-)

  4. Peko Peko says:

    Hi Marc, Down for a week, off and on is pretty rough! I had heard good things about Media Temple — and didn’t think that it was that cheap! Could you tell us the name of your 0 downtime host?

  5. Hi Peko, we’re using Domatic. Based on their prices, I’m sure they’re overselling bandwidth too, but perhaps they’re doing it to less of an extreme as the bigger guys (I don’t think virtual hosting is their core business). The main thing I noticed when I switched was how much faster my pages load.

    One thing to keep in mind though is that their control panel is terrible and they don’t have 1-click-installs so you’ll probably have to install everything you want (e.g. WordPress) through a shell. I think it’s a host better suited for someone relatively comfortable working in unix environments.

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