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Well, it’s official, KyotoFoodie is a hot foodie site!

Now I am pretty good at geography yet we have countries turning up in our stats reports that I cannot readily pinpoint on the world map in my noggin.

Thanks very much everyone!

Link Love
A lot of foodie bloggers and not foodie bloggers have linked to us, thank you, thank you. I have put some blogs we like in our blog roll, but there are just so many out there that they just don’t all fit. So, we are going to have a dedicated ‘Link Love’ page on KyotoFoodie. If you would like to see your foodie blog on it, please send us an message hereね.

Social Web
We are KyotoFoodie on Twitter. We haven’t tweeted much recently, but we love Twitter and are going to tweet a lot now.

Follow KyotoFoodie on Twitter!

Also, if you are a foodie blogger and on Twitter, be sure to include your Twitter URL for ‘Link Love’.

Foodie New Media
Blogs still seem to command most of the attention in web-based New Media, but this is still the Wild West of our time. PodCasts are also another really great way to discover new things and grow. I especially like being able to do something else while focusing on a Podcast, grocery shopping, cleaning, riding the bus, etc. We subscribe to lots of culture, history and business related PodCasts, but I have not been able to find any really great PodCasts on the theme of foodie.

Any recommendations? Send those our way too!

Peko’s Recommendations (audio):
I listened to and enjoyed this (short) series. Gourmet published a literary supplement to the August 2006 issue and invited writers and artists to explore food, beyond taste.

Listening to this series, I realized that I too have experienced Kyoto, largely by what I have eaten. Especially before I could speak Japanese.

Unfortunately Gourmet doesn’t seem to have anymore podcasts.

Gourmet Magazine Podcast 1
Travel editor Bill Sertl and award-winning novelist Ann Patchett at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York. Also, photo editor Amy Koblenzer speaks with artist Laura Letinsky about the origins of Laura’s photography featured in the supplement to Gourmet’s August issue.

Gourmet Magazine Podcast 2
Ruth Reichl visits author and artist Maira Kalman’s studio for a chat about breakfast and Napoleon. Reichl also speaks with Gourmet food editor Shelley Wiseman about the genesis of Kalman’s breakfast fantasy food, Brioche Gaga. Lastly, Gourmet Web editor Adam Houghtaling enjoys a few New York minutes discussing egg creams with author Thomas Beller

Gourmet Magazine Podcast 3
Ruth Reichl talks with food author and farro fiend Calvin Trillin about Tuscany, chicken under a brick, and the pleasures of inauthentic gazpacho. Also, Gourmet senior articles editor Jocelyn Zuckerman speaks with gritty prose stylist Junot Diaz about how food and literature intersect with the immigrant experience in the US.

Gourmet Magazine Podcast 4
Ruth Reichl and author Nicole Mones talk about the metaphors and meanings connected to Chinese cuisine. Also, senior editor Nanette Maxim meets with Robert Sietsema and two members of the Organ Meat Society to dish on deer hunters, eating innards solo, and the brain sandwiches of Saint Louis.

I can’t find a link on the Gourmet site but if you use iTunes I think you can just click this link and nab it.

Or DL the MP3 directly.


Peko’s Video Recommendations:

What do you think? What do you listen to?

3 Responses to “KyotoFoodie + Foodie New Media, Social Web & Link Love”

  1. Joy says:

    Hi Peko! Thanks for visiting our site.

    LOVE what you have here. I just added you to my RSS. Thanks for posting the podcast links. I’ll be listening to them later tonight.


  2. PekoPeko says:

    Hi Joy,
    Oh thanks!
    I am really interested in finding more interesting podcasts. Let us know what you think and find.

  3. cakewardrobe says:

    Creativity and originalism goes a long (or far) way! Good work!! 🙂

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