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Kyoto Sawai Shoyu Honten Soy Sauce Candy

Kyoto Sawai Shoyu Honten Soy Sauce Candy
Japanese make hard candy with some novel indigenous ingredients and flavors that often sound culinarily dubious but actually taste quite good. This is one, shoyu ame, or soy sauce candy. It is made by a shinise shoyu producer that still makes handcrafted soy sauce the heart of the ancient city, just a few minutes walk from the Gosho Imperial Palace.…

Gion Koishi — Kakigori, summer time treat in Gion

Gion Koishi — Kakigori (shaved ice) in Gion (祇園小石)
Hard to believe that ‘shaved ice’ could be elegant and sophisticated, so Kyoto! Gion Koishi - preview Gion Koshi, ameya (candy shop) is surely the best known place in Gion, and probably Kyoto for kakigori (shaved ice). Shaved ice in Japan actually has a very long history, dating back more than a thousand years to…

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