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Wagashi: ‘Sagano’ Chrysanthemum Theme Namagashi

Wagashi: ‘Sagano’ Chrysanthemum Theme Namagashi
Autumn is upon us in Kyoto and one of my favorite wagashi makers looks to the rural Western Hills of Kyoto’s Sagano district for inspiration for a delicate and handmade chrysanthemum shaped namagashi. Kyoto Autumn Theme Wagashi 嵯峨野生菓子 While I haven’t seen any chrysanthemums in bloom yet this year, mine are just budding, the theme of culinary delights in Kyoto…

Boy’s Day Koinobori Chofu

Tango-no-Sekku (Boy’s Day) Koinobori Chofu 端午の節句鯉のぼり調布 Tango-no-Sekku (Boy's Day) Koinobori Chofu 端午の節句鯉のぼり調布
May 5th is Boy’s Day, or Tango-no-Sekku in Japan. Colorful koi (carp) fabric streamers, some gigantic, are flown from house roofs and condominium verandas by families with young boys. I found these koinobori chofu at a wagashi shop in Nara the other day, I hadn’t seen anything like this before.…

Wagashi: Sakura Mochi (Kansai-style)

Sakura Mochi (Kansai-style) 関西風桜餅 Kansai-style Sakura Mochi 関西風桜餅
In Kyoto, this year’s sakura blossoms have begun to fade and fall, pavements are covered in pink petals and streams are covered with them to the extent that the water cannot be seen. The sakura season is not over for foodies though, we may still feast on sakura themed yummies for another few weeks. This is…

Wagashi: Sakura Mochi (Kanto-Style)

Sakura Mochi (Kanto-Style) 関東風桜餅
Sakura Mochi 桜もち
Late March and early April is sakura time in Kyoto. For about a month, it’s sakura this and sakura that, — even sakura mochi! Sweet, chewy, salty and above all fragrant and perfumy. This wagashi confection is mochi wrapped in a salted sakura leaf, sometimes a salted sakura blossom garnishes the top.…

Wagashi: Kuromame Daifuku Mochi

Wagashi: Kuromame Daifuku Mochi
Kuromame (Black Bean) Daifuku Mochi from Demachi Futaba 京都ふたば 丹波黒豆大福 Kuromame (Black Bean) Daifuku Mochi from Demachi Futaba 京都ふたば 丹波黒豆大福
Today, while passing through Demachiyanagi, there wasn’t usual huge line at Demachi Futaba Mochi Store, so I peeked in and noticed that in addition to the usual line-up of mame-mochi (mochi with whole beans) they had kuromame daifuku, mochi made with black beans from Tamba, in rural Kyoto…
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