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Japanese Fruit: Aomikan Marmalade

Japanese Fruit: Aomikan Marmalade

Aomikan is a green tangerine that are available in Japan from around the end of August though September. There are simply tangerines that have been harvested a few weeks early. They are tart and tangy. I love peeling them, surprisingly the green peel gives way to juicy orange fruit. Aomikan are one of my two favorite citrus for eating and…

Yuzu Kokuto Marmalade

Yuzu Kokuto (Okinawa Brown Sugar) Marmalade 柚子黒糖マーマレード
Yuzu Kokuto (Okinawa Brown Sugar) Marmalade  柚子黒糖マーマレード
I think I may have outdone myself here. Now I LOVE bread, and I LOVE butter and sugar and of course I LOVE yuzu. I put it all together. We made yuzushu (yuzu liqueur) recently and the yuzu fruit is only steeped for a short time and still has plenty of…

Yuzushu: Japanese Citrus Yuzu Liqueur

How to Make Yuzushu (Japanese Citrus Yuzu Liqueur) ゆず酒
How to Make Yuzushu (Japanese Citrus Yuzu Liqueur) 柚子酒 ゆず酒 ユズ酒
Yuzu is one of Japan’s great tastes. Yuzu is lemony but more delicate and mild, even the peel can be eaten! Try that with a lemon. Yuzu is used to flavor many things from sashimi and grilled fish to mochi and wagashi. Yuzushu, yuzu liqueur is fairly uncommon in…

Karinshu: Japanese Quince Liqueur

How to Make Karinshu (Japanese Quince Liqueur) 花梨酒
Karinshu: Japanese Quince Liqueur  花梨酒 カリン酒 かりん酒
Karin, a variety of quince, is fairly common to see in the fruit section of grocery stores in the winter in Japan. I knew that people steeped it in shochu alcohol to make karinshu, like umeshu (plum liqueur) but had never made it or even tasted it. We made some…

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