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Epic Sushi! Kyoto-style Sushi Lesson at Kichisen

Epic Sushi! Kyoto-style Sushi Lesson at Kichisen
Helena Chlepnac from Sushi Fusion from Switzerland was in town studying-up on Kyoto’s incredible culinary culture. We had a chance to spend a few days together which culminated in the most luxurious sushi meal, actually, three sushi meals, that I have ever had or even imagined! This was epic sushi! And all thanks to Chef Tanigawa at Kichisen, who gave…

Hanaore — sabazushi (lightly pickled mackerel sushi)

Hanaore Sabazushi (花折鯖寿し) Hanaore is another very ‘Kyoto’ culinary experience. This famous shop offers only a single, well loved dish — sabazushi. Just three slices of sabazushi and a small bowl of soup will set you back 1,800 yen! Hanaore and sabazushi is a must try!! Hanaore 花折 Sabazushi 鯖寿し - preview The only dish served, sabazushi and the noren (shop curtain) Hanaore is another…

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