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Japanese Condiment: Kyotona Pepper Greens and Wagyu Beef Tsukudani

Kyotona Pepper Greens and Wagyu Tsukudani 京唐菜佃煮 Kyotona Pepper Greens and Wagyu Tsukudani  京唐菜佃煮
Tsukudani is a Japanese condiment that is usually made of seaweed that has been simmered in soy sauce, cooking sake and mirin. Kitayama, or the North Mountains of Kyoto are famous for Tsukudani made with mountain vegetables and mushrooms. Some tsukudani shinise stores in the city make tsukudani with wagyu beef. Tsukudani is…

Japanese Condiment: Furikake

Japanese Condiment: Furikake
Furikake is a condiment for sprinkling on rice in Japan. Conventional furikake is of mediocre quality however once in a while you come across some that is gourmet. Sea of Japan Heshiko Furikake へしこ ふりかけ
Heshiko is a specialty of the Sea of Japan side of Japan, the other side of the island from Kyoto. It is a preserved dish…

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