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Tsukemono: Kiku Kabura (Chrysanthemum Turnip)

Tsukemono: Kiku Kabura (Chrysanthemum Turnip)
Autumn is chrysanthemum season in Japan and the flower which has literally countless form, shape and color variations makes numerous appearances in Japanese cuisine, both as decoration and as symbol. This meibutsu tsukmono is from Kamekura a shinise in Kameoka, a small and quaint town west of Kyoto. Kamekura is perhaps best known for its senmaizuke, a Kyoto winter favorite…

Sake Kasu Zanmai: Chicken Turnips and Nanohana Kasujiru Soup

Late Winter Kasu Jiru Soup with Chicken, Turnips and Nanohana 小蕪菜の花鳥肉粕汁 Late Winter Kasujiru Soup with Chicken, Turnips and Nanohana  小蕪菜の花粕汁
Meet Kasu Jiru: Kasu-jiru is soup made with sake lees. The sake taste is pronounced and the sweet, fruiting bouquet of fermented sake mash is obvious as well. We made this with late winter veggies and chicken.…

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