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Epic Sushi! Kyoto-style Sushi Lesson at Kichisen

Epic Sushi! Kyoto-style Sushi Lesson at Kichisen
Helena Chlepnac from Sushi Fusion from Switzerland was in town studying-up on Kyoto’s incredible culinary culture. We had a chance to spend a few days together which culminated in the most luxurious sushi meal, actually, three sushi meals, that I have ever had or even imagined! This was epic sushi! And all thanks to Chef Tanigawa at Kichisen, who gave…

Izuju: The Best Kyoto Style Sushi in Kyoto

Izuju: The Best Kyoto Style Sushi in Kyoto
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Sushi in Kyoto has a long history but it is quite unlike the nigiri sushi that we are used to abroad. Unlike Tokyo, Kyoto was landlocked and that required somehow keeping fish edible after the journey here. Kyoto sushi required some smarts and ingenuity, it also had…

Kichisen Sabazushi

Kichisen Sabazushi (Mackerel Sushi) 吉泉の鯖寿し Kichisen Sabazushi  吉泉の鯖寿し
Historically, Kyoto — the inland, landlocked capital — wasn’t much of a sushi town, but sabazushi was and is a very important part of the culinary culture. For centuries, Mackerel was harvested in fishing villages on the Sea of Japan coast and carried for several days on the ‘Mackerel Highway’ to Kyoto. The end of…

Hanaore — sabazushi (lightly pickled mackerel sushi)

Hanaore Sabazushi (花折鯖寿し) Hanaore is another very ‘Kyoto’ culinary experience. This famous shop offers only a single, well loved dish — sabazushi. Just three slices of sabazushi and a small bowl of soup will set you back 1,800 yen! Hanaore and sabazushi is a must try!! Hanaore 花折 Sabazushi 鯖寿し - preview The only dish served, sabazushi and the noren (shop curtain) Hanaore is another…

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