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Ukiya Soba: Natto-tamago Soba in Pontocho

Ukiya Soba — Natto-tamago Soba in Ponto-cho (有喜屋、先斗町) Ukiya Soba Ponto-Cho — teaser summary: Ukiya is second to none for soba. Soba is the famed buckwheat noodle of Japan. Ukiya’s soba is handmade (手打ち, teuchi) every morning. Ukiya’s famous dish is the very unique Ukiten Soba.…

Rokudenya – Tantanmen in Ponto-cho

— NOTICE: Unfortunately KyotoFoodie no longer recommends this restaurant. — Rokudenya Preview The company that owns Rokudenya, Kiwa Group still has some excellent restaurants in Kyoto but Rokudenya is history.The manager of Rokudenya seems to take a perverse delight in being unbelievably rude to customers. I have seen him so rude on occasion that by Japanese standards one would have to conclude

Takaraya Ramen Pontocho (宝屋ラーメン) — CLOSED

Takaraya Ramen (宝屋ラーメン) CLOSED — Unfortunately this excellent restaurant has suddenly closed as of November 2011. Takaraya (宝屋) features several dishes that are very ‘Kyoto’ in style and taste. The cuisine of Kyoto features subtly complex and sophisticated flavors. To the sensibilities of the ancient capital, the more understated, the better. Typically, ramen is anything but subtle. This makes Takaraya…

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