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Shiozakura Dashi Taki Soba Gohan Kumiage Yuba Donburi

Shiozakura Dashi Taki Soba Gohan Kumiage Yuba Donburi

Ohisashiburi Foodies!
Shiozakura Dashi Taki Soba Gohan Kumiage Yuba Donburi: Now that is a mouthful! So, what exactly is it? In short, it is a rice dish topped with condensed soy milk and finished with soy sauce and wasabi. This dish is healthy and creamy yummy, it can easily be made vegan.
Soba Gohan: Japanese short grain rice with fresh…

Kichisen Sabazushi

Kichisen Sabazushi (Mackerel Sushi) 吉泉の鯖寿し
Kichisen Sabazushi  吉泉の鯖寿し
Historically, Kyoto — the inland, landlocked capital — wasn’t much of a sushi town, but sabazushi was and is a very important part of the culinary culture. For centuries, Mackerel was harvested in fishing villages on the Sea of Japan coast and carried for several days on the ‘Mackerel Highway’ to Kyoto. The…

Sakurazushi (Salted Sakura Leaf Tai Sushi)

Sakurazushi: Salted Sakura Leaf Tai (Sea Bream) Sushi  鯛桜寿し
Sakurazushi: Salted Sakura Leaf Tai (Sea Bream) Sushi  鯛桜寿し
Just when you think that you have tried all the sushi in the world, you discover one in the very ‘un-sushi’ town of Kyoto that takes you aback! Sakurazushi, as made by Kichisen, is tai (sea bream) wrapped in salted sakura leaf. More than sublime!

Kyoto Ice Cream: Sakura Mochi Ice Cream

Chibeta: Sakura Mochi Ice Cream 桜餅アイスクリーム
Sakura Mochi Ice Cream 桜餅アイスクリーム
Kyoto Handmade Ice Cream Shop Chibeta: While Japanese love ice cream and Häagen-Dazs is big here, handmade ice cream shops, the likes or which there are several in my hometown, are a rarity. Chibeta, located in Nishijin, the old weaving district of Kyoto, makes great ice cream in very novel flavors. Inspiration…

Wagashi: Sakura Mochi (Kansai-style)

Sakura Mochi (Kansai-style) 関西風桜餅
Kansai-style Sakura Mochi 関西風桜餅
In Kyoto, this year’s sakura blossoms have begun to fade and fall, pavements are covered in pink petals and streams are covered with them to the extent that the water cannot be seen. The sakura season is not over for foodies though, we may still feast on sakura themed yummies for another few weeks.…

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