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Kyoto Wagashi: Ayu and Kuzu-yaki from Heianden

First Ayugashi of 2009! 平安殿のあゆ くず焼き First Ayugashi of 2009! 平安殿のあゆとくず焼き
Ayugashi, one of my all time favorite wagashi is available now. It, like the actual ayu sweetfish will be in season for another month or so. I had my first of the year today from perhaps my favorite ayugashi maker, Heianden.…

Boy’s Day Koinobori Chofu

Tango-no-Sekku (Boy’s Day) Koinobori Chofu 端午の節句鯉のぼり調布 Tango-no-Sekku (Boy's Day) Koinobori Chofu 端午の節句鯉のぼり調布
May 5th is Boy’s Day, or Tango-no-Sekku in Japan. Colorful koi (carp) fabric streamers, some gigantic, are flown from house roofs and condominium verandas by families with young boys. I found these koinobori chofu at a wagashi shop in Nara the other day, I hadn’t seen anything like this before.…

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