Unagi Kimo (Eel Liver)

Unagi Kimo (Eel Liver) うなぎ肝

Unagi Kimo (Eel Liver) うなぎ肝

Eel liver is even more nutritious than eel flesh, and quite tasty too!

Sprinkled with sansho, grilled eel liver, or unagi kimo kabayaki is an excellent tsumami (snack, hors d’oeuvres) and goes extremely well with beer!

In a more gourmet application, a single eel liver is also served in Kyoto’s delicate and subtly flavored sumashi soup.

Unagi is very nutritious, but unagi kimo is even more so. Eel liver contains lots of vitamins, calcium and iron. Eel liver contains twice as much vitamin A as eel flesh.

We always try to cook a nice meal at home on Saturday night but today we were really tired from the summer heat and work, so at the grocery store we picked up some eel liver for a re-energizing and tasty snack before we started to prepare dinner.

Unagi Kimo
Unagi Kimo (Eel Liver) うなぎ肝
Opps, we forgot the sansho sprinkling for the picture.

Unagi Kimo and Beer
Unagi Kimo (Eel Liver) うなぎ肝
Actually, we split this portion, this would be a lot for just one person.

3 Responses to “Unagi Kimo (Eel Liver)”

  1. Nina says:

    Oh! I’ve seen that at the grocery store too, but was afraid of picking it up since I can’t stand the flavor of liver sometimes. Does it taste anything like beef or chicken liver, or is it more subtle?

  2. Peko Peko says:

    Hello Nina,
    I guess it tastes a little like chicken liver, it doesn’t have a very strong taste. Even if you don’t like liver, you might still like eel liver grilled on a stick.

  3. ni says:

    please can you tell me how to make this dish please and what kind of eel is used for this dish. thank you

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