Falafel Garden

Falafel Garden ファラフェルガーデン

In Kyoto and looking for a quick and cheap (by Kyoto standards) bite to eat that isn’t Japanese or looking for a veggie meal?

Falafel Garden, is good, though not gourmet, not the kind of Middle Eastern food you could probably find back home.

Falafel Garden is located just to the east of Demachiyanagi Station. If you are on the way to or from Kurama or Kibune, or you just want a break from Japanese food, Falafel Garden is great.

Owned and operated by an Israeli ex-pat and staffed by Japanese, Falafel Garden has a good (and basic) selection of falafel and some nice fruit and yogurt based shakes.

Near Kyoto University, Falafel Garden is popular with students and foreign residents. The atmosphere is casual.

Most all the dishes are veg.

Falafel Garden

Falafel Garden
Falafel and Banana Shake
Falafel Garden

Falafel Garden, 出町柳、京都

* Falafel Garden relocated, it is now just north of Keihan Demachiyanagi Station, on Kawabata Street.


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2 Responses to “Falafel Garden”

  1. Katey B says:

    Sounds good. Will give it a go.

  2. PekoPeko says:

    Falafel Garden is great.

    Prices are reasonable, I guess. I kind of feel like I am paying Kyoto prices for hippie food though.

    Price range; 700 – 1000 yen. (portions are modest, but average by Japanese standards)

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